It is worth recommending employees to us

If you work for KONO and you have friends or acquaintances who are looking for work, you can recommend us and get bonuses! This way, you help your friends to find a good job and get an extra financial bonus at the same time.

Recommendation is always a right decision!

We have been looking for employees from Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia to work in Poland for many years. First and foremost, good construction and finishing specialists, locksmiths, welding operators and mechanics. However, people without experience, but with a desire to work, can also find jobs at KONO.

Periodically, we also offer jobs in agriculture and gastronomy. We are always happy when we get recommendations for job candidates.

When you recommend someone to us – we know that you trust us, you are satisfied with cooperating with KONO and this is the most important feedback for us.


“When our employees recommend us to their friends or family, we are honored and motivated to grow the KONO family by hiring new employees and expanding our scope of activities”, says company director Aleksandra Bytner-Pawinska.”

Thanks to our recruiters, people who are already working at KONO are very well aware of working conditions in Poland. Thus, they can give sound advice to their friends and answer many of their questions. This is why people they recommend are not only more reliable, but often know more about working in Poland.

What benefits await people who work with us?

We reward everyone who successfully recommends employees with a financial bonus. If a recommended candidate works for KONO for at least one month, you will get a bonus of:

up to PLN 900

You can find the rules of our system here.


If you work for us, you can recommend candidates for work in Poland to us at any time and without restrictions.
How to do it? Contact us! You can call:

or e-mail us at

We will need the following information about the person you recommend:
– name and surname,
– the candidate’s phone number,
– general information about the vacancies he/she is interested in.

If you send us a message, be sure to include your surname so that we have no doubt as to who the new candidate is coming from.

Afterwards, we will check if we have any vacancies that might interest your acquaintance. If we have suitable ones, we will contact him/her as soon as possible. However, it may be that we have to wait longer for a suitable position. You should inform your candidate about this.


Are you a KONO employee and would like to participate in the recommendation system? Fill in the questionnaire, give us a call, or e-mail us!

Remember, the “Worth Recommending” program is only for people who work for our company.

You can review the program’s rules of procedure here.