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Umowa o prace

Umowa o prace

Umowa o prace

Umowa o pracę is an employment contract that is concluded between the employer and the future employee.

According to the Polish legislation, for legal employment of an alien, he must have a visa of the category D05 . This visa is formalized by submitting the necessary package of documents to the Polish visa center, located in the territory of the future employee’s state.

Our firm completely helps with the formulation of a package of documents of our clients in the visa center – absolutely free of charge. The client pays only the tax charges provided by the legislation of the country in which he lives.

The basis for submitting documents is an invitation to work from the Polish employer Oświadczenie o zamiarze powierzenia pracy cudzoziemcowi .

A bit more about the invitation: this invitation will indicate the place of work: factory, factory, production. Also, the candidate will be able to find information about wages and the terms for which he is invited to work.

In the firm KONO , employees are treated individually and in terms of their timing and work. By invitation, you can work up to 180 days a year in Poland. When applying to our company, “sanctity” will be issued in the shortest time, on average 1-2 days. Then we will send it to you by post or courier delivery.

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